A Teaching by Kalu Rinpoche:
Understanding the Need for Spiritual Practice

In order to practice the Dharma taught by the Buddha it is necessary, at the outset, to establish confidence in its validity. First we must understand that we have had countless lives in the past and will continue to have countless lives until we attain the level of a Buddha or Bodhisattva. Belief in the existence of previous and future lives gives rise to confidence in the truth of karma, the effects of actions. This confidence is based on understanding that unvirtuous actions lead to suffering and virtuous actions lead to happiness. Without this conviction, we will not abandon unvirtuous actions or perform virtuous ones. Continued.

Start by attending Wednesdays and listening to the teachings so you can develop a meditation practice and expand your knowledge about Tibetan Buddhism. In this way, you can develop a relationship with a qualified and authentic Lama as a teacher. Wednesdays are open to the public, free, and everyone is welcome to attend. It starts by simply attending the Wednesday Meditation, Buddhist Teaching and Chenrezi practice.
Reading List ~ A Selection of Recommended Books

Advanced Commitment and Learning
KDK and KTC Monastery have formal programs, such as the Dharma Path Program, and the traditional 3 Year Retreat.