Participation at KDK

Attend Wednesdays
You can participate in a variety of ways. Most important is your own learning and personal practice. The greatest gift you can give is your own advancement towards benefiting others. That starts by having a relationship with a qualified and authentic Lama as a teacher, and can begin by simply attending the Wednesday Meditation, Buddhist Teaching and Chenrezi practice. Dedication towards deeper learning can express itself through the formal programs, such as the Dharma Path Program, and the traditional 3 Year Retreat. Learn more about Wednesdays and how to come prepared.

Participation through Generosity

Become a Member
By becoming a KDK member and paying monthly dues, you become an active participant in continuing and maintaining traditions that date back to the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, and in sustaining those traditions for the benefit of present and future generations. The membership goes towards the sustainability and resources of the center, and additional member benefits, learn more.

Center Sponsorship
Sponsoring Kagyu Dzamling Kunchab Buddhist Center directly supports the Dharma and Sangha, and as an offering, is an excellent means of accumulating merit. It is one of the more mature and extraordinary opportunities for generousity that you can participate in at KDK, read more.

Present a Lecture or Media related to Buddhism
If you are a recognized and credentialed teacher, scientist, filmaker, or artist, you might want to participate in exploring and expanding community bridges between your discipline and Buddhism with a lecture, discussion group, panel, or presentation. Read more.